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Director | Writer

Every month, 200,000 Australians are affected by self-harm: cutting, scratching, burning and even breaking bones. It peaks in teenagers and young adults, but little is known about why. The Silent Epidemic is a search for answers. Following three young women who wrestle with self-harm, the film traverses emotional, biological, spiritual and societal terrain in an exploration that is both heartbreaking and uplifting.

Title The Silent Epidemic
Director | Writer 
Ili Baré
Production Company
Beyond Fact & Fiction for SBS TV
Date 2010



ATOM Award, Best Documentary, Science, Technology and the Environment, 2011


“An extremely sensitive, attention-grabbing and confronting documentary.”
– Sunday Mail Adelaide TV Guide

“Physiology, neurology, psychology and societal influences are covered in a troubling but hopeful exploration.”
– Sunday Age

“brave … essential viewing”
– TV Week