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Co-Writer | Post Producer

The fifth instalment of The Life Series, Life at 9 provides a window on Australian childhood in an effort to uncover just what it is that gives a child the best chance at life. Every two years, the filmmakers revisit these children and their families to gain an in-depth snapshot of their lives, examining what it takes to give a child the best chance in life.

The children of today will need to be creative to solve the problems of tomorrow. So what is creativity and how creative are our children? What inhibits creativity and what helps it to flourish?

Title Life at 9
Co-Writer |Post Producer Ili Baré
Production Company Heiress Films for ABC TV
Date 2014


… compelling … a snapshot that provides a far more lasting and profound impression than anything reality TV is capable of.”
Sydney Morning Herald

a documentary likely to send the proudest modern parents into paroxysms of painful recognition”
– The Age (Show of the week)